Oh I’m sorry, did you think NYC was done with Insta-bait installations? Those "museums" with outrageous admission fees that exist solely to provide funhouse-esque backdrops for your social media feeds? NOPE. Not even close.

The latest entry into this vital cultural movement is called Room For Tea, which opens today in Tribeca and features about a half dozen areas in which to get your snaps on, all at least tenuously related to the pop-up's namesake beverage. At the end, in the gift shop, you get a "free" big cup of delicious bubble tea from one of the sponsors.

(Scott Lynch / Gothamist)

Tea, it must be said, is a decidedly unphotogenic substance upon which to anchor such an undertaking, so the rooms here are more inspired by the aura and “mystery” (their words) of the drink, rather than involving the actual liquid itself. So you have a pink room full of bouncy pink "bobas" (they're just normal balls); a "Labyrinth of Tea Origin" made of red drapes; a gallery of cool neon Hong Kong street signs; and a "modern tea house" area that involves pretty hanging lanterns with cloth cherry blossoms strewn about.

For ten dollars extra ($33 instead of $23) you can also partake in a 40-minute Tea Ceremony Experience.

(Scott Lynch / Gothamist)

To recap: in the food category alone we’ve now done ice cream (twice), eggs, candy, and tea, with pizza coming soon. And hate all you want on these things, every time I've been to one everyone seems to be having a lot of fun. Myself included...

When u straight busted

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Room For Tea is located at 371 Broadway between White and Franklin Streets and will be open through September 22. Advance tickets for specific time slots can be purchased here.