Pan Am's (and later Delta's) flying saucer building, aka Terminal 3 or the Worldport Terminal at JFK Airport, has long been on the chopping block, set to meet its end in 2015. But despite its almost certain demise, the National Trust for Historic Preservation named it one of the 11 most endangered historic places, giving some hope that it may stick around. The NY Times countered this with, basically, an obituary. But the NTHS says there is an alternative to demolishing the building, including a plan to demolish the south concourse instead and use building as a connecting facility between Terminals Two and Four—it could be a terminal, or it could house restaurants, a museum, etc.

While we don't need to engrave the tombstone yet, it couldn't hurt to look back at The Worldport Terminal's glory days, which started when it opened in 1960—on June 3rd of that year, The NY Times wrote, "Idlewild Skyline Gets An Addition; New Pan Am Terminal Looks Like Parasol to Motorists Approaching Airport." They called it a "showpiece."

Click through for a look inside the secret clubs and lounges that took over the terminal—pretty sure Frommer's wouldn't have named it the 3rd worst airport terminal in the world if those were still around.