Following the announcement of David Bowie's death early Monday morning, a small memorial began to grow outside of his home on Lafayette Street. What started with a few bouquets of bodega flowers grew tremendously throughout the day, and by nightfall crowds were lined up and down the street waiting to leave everything from notes, albums, candles and more flowers to less traditional items like shoes. One man even tagged a nearby spot with the words "Let's Dance," while others played Bowie songs and lined up to... Instagram.

NYPD officers are also on hand, telling people if they'd like to pay their respects, they need to get on line.

Here was the scene earlier today:

And by nightfall:

Earlier tonight with my MTV fam. #ripdavidbowie

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A growing tribute outside Bowie's apt. on a chilly eve. #davidbowie #tribute #nyc

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#DavidBowie #rip #davidbowietribute

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Vigil for Bowie. #DavidBowie #Bowie #ZiggyStardust #LetsDance #RIPDavidBowie #Starman

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#davidbowie #nyc

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Such a long line to pay respect to David Bowie!! It keeps getting longer.

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Some video from the scene:

Bowie should be so happy that his memorial appears to be sponsored by American Apparel

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The line to pay respects to #Bowie. So sad...

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