Was 29Rooms the first immersive Instagram bait exhibit? Or is life itself just one big Instagram installation? Or have we all been dead this whole time, at the bottom of a giant ball pit, but haven't noticed because we're staring at such great content on our phones? We may never know. But what we do know is that Refinery29's fourth annual interactive funhouse, 29Rooms, is now open in Brooklyn. Move over, NYC's cultural institutions, this city runs on "likes" now.

Here's more from the team who put this together:

The 2018 two-weekend event centers around the theme “Expand Your Reality” and will invite guests into a space of abundant thinking and endless possibilities. Set in an expansive Brooklyn location, visitors will explore the bold and thought-provoking experience through diverse storytelling—from art, style to entertainment—connecting them to new ideas and means of self-expression.

Room themes range from a space where you can converse with your inner child, to the ACLU's Price Is Right-themed room, called "Know! Your! Rights!" Click through for a preview.

Tickets cost $39.99 for general admission, and $129.99 (!!!!) for the "Starlight" experience (which is at night and includes 3 drinks). If you go, carve out some time — it took around two hours to get through during the preview.

The exhibition, located at 588 Baltic Street in Brooklyn, is open from September 6th to 9th and September 13th to 16th, from 11 a.m. - 10 p.m.