The broken toilets at 285 Kent flushed their last DIY detritus last night, as Brooklyn's Most Eulogized Venue hosted an impressive lineup for its final show. "I wasn't there because President Dunham had a new episode airing," you'll tell the wide-eyed grandchildren sitting at your slippered feet. "But I saw the Gothamist slideshow, children. I saw the slideshow."

The stupid, (purposefully) inaccurate Daft Punk rumors remained stupid and inaccurate, but the audience saw Lodro, Guardian Alien, White Lung, DIIV, and Fucked Up, as promised. Photographer Gretchen Robinette says that it was "not as hot and gross as it usually is in there," so the witnesses to 285's farewell were at least treated to a performance that wasn't oversold.

285's promoters, Todd P and Ric Leitchtung, said last week that Pitchfork (who had a hand in booking this weekend's final lineups) planned to film the last three nights, so keep your eye on the farming implement for that in the coming weeks.