Last Friday, artist Shaina Stigler attempted to recreate the 1980s on the G train, which looked more like an '80s pop culture party or a Lisa Frank sticker book than a real life tribute to that era underground. Probably for the best.

The real 1980s subway. (Photo by Frank Horvat)

To give it some realness, however, Stigler did hire an actor to portray a Guardian Angel, but reportedly one real original member showed up. CityLab notes that there was a call to action by Curtis Sliwa, "who read about Stigler’s time-travel experiment, and her plans to include performers in Guardian Angel costumes in the Daily News."

The host that night, Oscar Montoya, told the paper: “I have an idea of what the ’80s were all about. The city was very dangerous, but very alive.” And Stigler, who moved here in 2007, recognized: "The ’80s were really fucking scary and hard.”

In the subway junkyard. (Photo by Steven Siegel)

According to photographer Shavon Meyers, this was the first in a series of events in NYC to be planned by Stigler.