Yesterday we looked at one man's photos taken around Manhattan and Brooklyn in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Another New Yorker decided to share some of his photos from that time with us as well; click through for a look at Chris Protopapas's collection, which includes a sweet inside shot of McSorely's in 1974 (the year all the photos were taken), and plenty of musicians in Central Park. He tells us:

"I lived in the East Village, and still do. I covered most of Manhattan south of 110th street; I remember SoHo when it was deserted, and TriBeca when it was Terra Incognita. The city was wide open; you could get to the top of any tall building you wanted to, and explore amazing spaces, walk down into the railroad tracks below Park Avenue or onto the abandoned High Line. Beers were $0.40 at McSorley's, movies were $1.00 at the St. Mark's Cinema, and an Indian meal on 6th street cost $5.00.

Life was good. So the streets were dirty, and venturing east of 1st Avenue was dicey, but that was all part of the excitement.

I saw legendary bands at CBGB's, Patti Smith at the Other End Café with Mick Jagger sitting in the front row, I urinated next to David Bowie at the Mudd Club, went to the first rehearsals for Phillip Glass's 'Einstein on the Beach,' you name it. Wish I had taken my camera everywhere."

Please feel free to share your own photos from another era of NYC with us!