There are very few statues of women in New York City, but one on Ellis Island is of Annie Moore — believed to be the first immigrant to set foot there on January 1st, 1892. Little was known about Moore, and what happened to her after she came New York; until now it was believed she died in a car accident after moving Texas.

According to a recent discovery, the NY Times reports that she actually never left New York, and lived on the Lower East Side until she died in 1924. The new link to her history comes from two photographs unearthed by her alleged relatives. Three years ago her great-nephew Michael Shulman got together with four generations of descendants of Annie Moore Schayer, along with a genealogist and the NYC commissioner of records. Together they were dedicated in finding out if their Annie was the Annie.

The descendants had reason to believe their "Ma Schayer" was the famous Annie Moore, after their "crazy aunt" spent years insisting on it. Together they found the two photographs, and the rest is rewritten history.