Surprisingly none of the views from your windows had people in them, but photographer Yasmine Chatila's new exhibit is all about voyeuristic views. The NY Post's Justin Rocket Silverman reports on her saucy Stolen Moments series, now on sale at the Upper East Side's Edelman Arts gallery.

Chatila told the paper about some of her subjects, all of which have no idea their moves are being captured on film. She noted that one woman "showered every day in front of a large window, apparently knowing that office workers in the building across the street were watching." The photographer also declares that if your curtains aren't drawn during your most private moments... you know full well someone is watching you. You know who you are.

There is some amount of Photoshopped privacy added to Chatila's images however — she blurs or shadows to them and changes framing to help disguise her subjects and their locations. When asked of the legal implications, the Brooklyn D.A. wouldn't comment, saying there were "too many complications." With photo and video of a teenage girl changing, and the same treatment for two people having sex in a kitchen... complicated might be an understatement.