A couple of years ago we looked at some of Richard Sandler's photographs of New York City taken in the 1970s and 80s, and now he's back showing off more of his collection at an exhibit opening later this month. "The Former New York" will focus on the 1980s and highlight many of his subway snapshots; it opens at Millennium Film Workshop (66 East 4th Street) on April 30th, and runs through June 19th.

Sandler says the photographs chosen "depict a time that lives in limbo: they are too young to be the historical records of the fuzzy past, and way too old to resemble contemporary culture, now moving at warp speed. These pictures of the recent past reveal a time just before the proliferation of computers, cell phones, I pods, digital cameras and the internet; there was no hiding, no refuge in virtual space." He also notes: "To some, the New York City of the recent past was a hell on Earth yet to others, it was one of New York's most fertile artistic periods." How do you look back on it?