Censored, for the kids.

The Rivington Design House (which just moved to Kenmare Street) is currently displaying a photograph of a fully naked man in their window ARE YOU BLUSHING YET? Sit down, here's a fan.

The image is part of photographer Bek Andersen's installation there, titled "Clothed Female/Naked Male," but is this piece of art ruining the sterile, innocent landscape of Manhattan? Bowery Boogie points out that some neighbors are "fairly irate over the X-rated window garnishment." An Area Prude explained to the site, "The new people in the neighborhood are unaware of how many children live here."

Andersen told us, "There is nothing pornographic or offensive happening in that photo. It's a portrait of a man. He is naked, but doing nothing indecent. We see naked women all the time in photos where they are highly sexualized and people don't notice because they are desensitized."

Indeed, what about the women who roam the streets topless? The underwear-clad men with intense eye contact? All those penises and butts in the museums?

We reached out to Rivington Design House for comment as well, and will update when we hear back. In the meantime, the NYPD seems to approve: