fotolog1.jpg One of the most interesting rivalries on the internet is the tug of war between the photobloggers and the camgirls for control of How can you tell one from the other? Gothamist identifies them by their work. fotolog2.jpg Photobloggers post pictures that are artistic, or ones that document the world around them, or fit into some crazy theme. Camgirls post pictures of themselves showing some ass or generally slutting it up for the camera. Of course, there is probably some unintentional crossover between the groups, but these definitions generally stand up to rigorous scrutiny.

Recenty updatedSince allows anyone to sign-up, the winner of the photoblogger/camgirl beef depends on how many of each join the service, and how often the members of each group post. The way works determines the rules of the contest. On the home page of the site, the most recent posts to are displayed on the left. Camgirls seem to rule this area of the page- either because they outnumber the photobloggers, or because they post more often. On the right side of the home page, the most viewed pictures of the day are displayed. The photobloggers have a stranglehold on this area- the last five times I checked, photobloggers controlled all six most-viewed slots. Deeper in the site, control of seems to be up for grabs. The camgirls tend to link to other camgirl sites, and the photobloggers link to other photoblogs. So if you start on a photoblog site like lauratitian, you might never know the other sites exist.

BrazilOther questions: the camgirl sites tend to be largely from Brazil. Why is that? Also, is there any bias on the backend towards one group or the other? That is, does anyone intentionally bias the most viewed list towards the photobloggers? Who will win this titantic struggle for control of the soul of Only time will tell, but there are some indications: despite the fact that is based in Chelsea, there are more than 2000 fotolog sites in Brazil, and only 448 in New York.

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