In case you needed another reason to never sit on the subway again, above you can see Example #4,909 why you should always give up that last seat to a pregnant woman. "Somehow, I think I was the only one that noticed," Matt LaPolice told us about the photo he took on the 1 train on Friday. "There was a woman sitting two seats over from him that clearly had no clue, or she wouldn't have been sitting so close..." Well, it's not the worst subway photo we've ever seen, but still.

You might recall that Sen. Eric Adams started a "Stop the Sag" campaign a few years ago, putting up billboards across Brooklyn encouraging teens to stop looking like fools with their pants on the ground; a Harlem man even invented a device to help regulate sag with mathematical precision. Bloomberg of course undermined the whole campaign, and look where we are today. So really, you can blame Bloomberg for this one.