What if we all just all hide indoors for a few hours and let skilled professionals take care of this snow situation with some flame throwers? Back in the day, this is how it was done on Governors Island—at least, back on one day. From the Schenectady Gazette (January 1st, 1948, following the late December snow of 1947) comes this photo, with the caption: "A new wrinkle in the snow fighting is demonstrated by Sgt. Robert G. Evraets as he throws a roaring stream of flame at snow banks on Governors Island, with an army flame thrower. The fire makes short work of cleaning the area of snow." They add, however, that in the more populated areas of the city "a shovel is the more prescribed form of equipment." Which is boring and less efficient. We need to go full Michael Bay on this winter weather!

You can check out a clearer shot of the action at the Daily News.