In case you haven't made your way to Prospect Park today to take part in the NY Times' least favorite food and music festival, things have been pretty low-key at GoogaMooga. Reporter John Del Signore says that it's been drizzling a bit, which may be driving some people away, and photographer Scott Lynch added there were no lines to be seen. "Seriously: vendors engaging in patter to try and get passersby to buy," he told us. "Beer and wine, same thing. Even Umami Burger was pretty much walk-right-up and order." Thankfully, we came upon one of the mythical cyborgunicorns in the wilds of the Lexus-sponsored woods.

Based on his attire, we suspect this futurism guinea pig may have run the Brooklyn Half Marathon in his head gear, which would have totally earned him a mega wedgie were this high school. But while we shine the spotlight on this Google snowflake, we also know deep in our hearts that we're staring into the enhanced eyes of the inevitable. Next year at GoogaMooga, you won't be able to throw a stone without hitting someone wearing Google Glass.