*Katherine Henly/Gothamist

1.5 Bedroom in Carroll Gardens-adjacent featuring innovative green technology! Just $1950/month!!

This photo comes to us from tipster Katherine Henly, who spotted this precious little toilet sink while viewing a 1.5-bedroom apartment in Red Hook, which was renting for $1,950/month. While she says the apartment was very nice, the toilet sink was a turn-off and she ultimately passed. It was, however, rented immediately to someone who can appreciate the feng shui of a toilet sink. Which is a thing that is not a bad thing.

A toilet-sink combo does not mean you are brushing your teeth with toilet tank water. We have not reached that real estate low... yet.

These little tank toppers simply provide a way to optimize water usage—"the toilet-sink combos use the bowl-refill inflow to first pass through a sink set above the tank. The drainage from the sink doesn't go into the tank, but bypasses the tank (through the overflow opening) into the bowl to refill the bowl. You can therefore use the water twice by washing your hands in it before it fills the bowl." And if it freaks you out to do more than wash your hands in this thing, you've always got your shower or kitchen sink for the rest of it. And hey, is that a clawfoot tub?