Today Banksy posted his 15th piece from his month-long Better Out Than In street art thing happening all over the city. The piece is a 9/11 tribute featuring the Twin Towers, and is located on Staple Street in TriBeca... but on Monday night we spotted an identical piece in the Fruit Street Sitting area of Brooklyn Heights. As of last night it was still there, and we're on our way back now to get some more shots of it.

But why didn't Banksy put this one up on his Instagram site? It's missing the building spires, and the flower—leading us to believe he had to abandon the piece before it was finished, which he has had to do in the past.

This area is often patrolled by the NYPD at night, and they tend to drive right in front of the benches (off the road) when they cruise through, which would have put Banksy in a particularly tight situation.

UPDATE, 12:45 p.m.: We've added some photos from this afternoon, and everyone seems pretty oblivious to the Brooklyn Heights one. Marc Yearsley is on the scene and tells us, "Mostly foreign tourists walking by. Pretty deserted, no one's lingering. Asked two women sitting in front of the piece if they knew who Banksy was. They said, 'No, sorry.' Then they left."