It's fair to say that twelve years of Mayor Bloomberg's somewhat-benevolent dictatormayoralship hardened us. He may have sang with the cast of the Little Mermaid during his once-a-year mandated playdate with the press, but Bloomberg was not one to trifle with costumes, festivities, or smiling otherwise. It's been a different story in De Blasio's NY, a magical place where children willingly shovel snow, ferrets roam free, and our mayor is currently wearing the puffiest shirt this side of a revival of Pirates Of Penzance.

As you can see above, the de Blasios have gone all-out for their first mayoral Mermaid Parade, taking place in Coney Island this afternoon. We knew Chiara and Dante de Blasio would be the King and Queen; we didn't know the whole family was going to blue themselves. Doesn't really explain why BDB is the only one dressed as a pirate, unless it's symbolic of the fact he steals from the rich and...has a boat?

Sure, a lot of things haven't changed since de Blasio has come to office—just look at the current levels of low-level marijuana arrests—but after suffering through Post-Bloomberg Stress Disorder, a little bit of fun and frivolity is a welcome change of pace. This might be the new look for the '10s, and we're proud to say our mayor is at the cutting edge of style for once.