We're on Day 29 of Banksy's 31 day takeover of New York City, and at least a few people gotten the street artist's pieces from his Better Out Than In residency tattooed on their skin. Tattoo artist Miykey at NYHC Tattoo on Stanton Street posted this photo to Instagram yesterday, showing the arm of someone inked up with Banksy's robot/barcode design... which just went up in Coney Island yesterday. Not bad!

via miykey's instagram

Miykey is a Banksy fan himself, and tells us: "Art should be free. I think Banksy has a positive message despite the currently so called illegal approach to putting it out there. But like all revolutions the beginning of it always has its lowbrow approach. As a friend of and admirer of many street artists out here I have nothing but love and respect for the modern day Turk 182. These artists spend all the money they have and take all the risk to put out some eye candy for the world to see and enjoy for free." He previously did one of the Woodside piece, too:

If you get a tattoo of one of Banksy's pieces from his month long residency here, send us a photo! We're contemplating a Steve Zissou-sky tat on our ankle.