Photo by Ulyana Auhustsinovich

A tipster recently sent us the above photo, taken this past Saturday at the Lorimer Street / Metropolitan Avenue subway station in Williamsburg of course—she writes:

"I was among 10 other people taking pictures right behind the girl as she was walking out. She didn't seem to pay attention at all to the paparazzi style chase going after her.

When I first noticed it I was 3 feet away and I literally froze for a second when I realized there was a snake so close to me. To be honest I freaked out a little bit and took three steps back—it was so unexpected. The feeling of nausea followed as my brain was trying to make sense of this.

If there is a rule for dogs to be in a some sort of carrier there has to be a rule for reptiles as well."

We'll let you quote Samuel L. Jackson in the comments, but first we'd like to point out that also pictured here are a leather fanny pack, a leather backpack, a leather handbag, arm sleeves, leather gladiator shoes, a lot of black, a lot of anger, probably an iPod filled with early NIN and Tori Amos, and some dark and rebellious teenage years someone is unable to let go of. And a dude—wearing an ill-fitting fedora and rolled up pants for some reason—who's just really into that shit.