"Mom, are we going to be on The Internet?"

"I told you son, there's more to life than having your photo make the rounds on Twitter or getting tossed into a massive listicle on Buzzfeed."

"But, the red pandas..."

"We aren't like the red pandas, son. We just aren't. And we have to be okay with that. But remember: we're miniature Zebus, and that's pretty special."

"But 'Oldest and Smallest Breeds of Cattle' wouldn't be a good listicle, right mom?"

"That's right son, no one would click on that headline. Absolutely no one."

"Mom, they're taking our picture! Try to look more viral!"

Photo by Julie Larsen Maher/WCS

These two miniature zebus (a male and female) are now a part of Prospect Park Zoo's barn (which also features sheep, goats, turkeys, a variety of chickens and geese, miniature horses, and other domestic animals). They have small horns on top of their heads, and they'll probably never go viral on the internet.