Corie and Lex found a bunch of medium format negatives laying in a puddle on Beard Street in Red Hook:

We collected everything that we could carry. We returned home, stinking of photographic chemicals, and drew a warm bath in the kitchen sink. Slowly, we eased the negatives into the water, carefully peeling those that had stuck together, rinsing them gently. You were an avid hunter. You built a house. You wife looked quite lovely.

Based on the artifacts we collected, it was easy to deduce who you were. We learned quickly where your house was, what army base you might have worked near, your wife’s name, and when you passed away. A quick check on your pay stub revealed your profession, clearly connecting you to the old shipyard, which is exactly where we found your pieces.

We can't wait to see more! [Related: there was a similar project on Fotolog awhile back-- pictures from 1970s Williamsburg that had been found in a junkshop on Bedford. Does anyone remember the URL?]