Ah, Old New York—everything was so much cooler and cleaner and dirtier and interesting and REAL and we've never seen a black & photo of this city we didn't just want to step right into and live in forever. Oh, nevermind, New Year's Eve in Times Square has looked dreadful throughout the ages! Here is a Sea of Humans in 1938:

NYE 1938. (AP)

Sure, everyone's probably dressed a little nicer, there's no TGI Friday's, no Ryan Seacrest, and unlike the locked-down pens provided for the event today, these revelers were likely openly taking swigs from flasks and champagne bottles... but all the Gin Rickeys and Trilbys in the world wouldn't make this tolerable.

The Bowery Boys
have a podcast detailing the history of NYE in Times Square—you can listen here. Tonight. When you're not in Times Square.