Photo via olivebpersimmon/Imgur

In a city where most of us dislike our neighbors for their loud televisions, foot stomping, furniture moving like seriously all the time whyyyyy, or food smells... it's nice to hear that some of us don't live under or next to loud jerks. Today a Redditor named Olive posted this photo, explaining, "Our neighbors made us a can phone!" To communicate! To say, "Hey, how was your day?" To be nice. Not everyone is terrible.

She explained further, "We'd always see our neighbors in the next building washing dishes and wave to them. They were two friendly and good-looking dudes, so we decided to write a sign for them and leave it in the window. For the next two months, we exchanged signs in the window. Then we woke up one morning and they had made us a can phone! We found it attached to the outside of our window (they had dropped it from the roof). Obviously, it was the beginning of an awesome friendship!" And they are friends IRL now.

Curious to find out if the can phone actually worked, we reached out to Olive (who told us this magical nice person building is on West 109th Street):

"It did work! One day we saw them in the window and motioned for them to try the can phone, at that point, we hadn't met them yet. It was difficult to have long conversations so the first one mostly consisted of 'CAN YOU HEAR ME?' 'THIS IS SO COOL!' After that we had three or four more can conversations but then the string broke, so we reverted back to window signs. We finally all agreed to meet in person at a bar by our apartments and now we're pretty good friends."

And the can phone caused a chain reaction—Olive says "the apartment below them started writing signs to us as well saying that they wanted to get in on it." Everyone go home and make can phones tonight, meet your neighbors.