Sexy Ebola nurse has a competitor for most tasteless Halloween costume this year. "I'm still disturbed from seeing this one last night: a family dressed up as a Nazi soldier, his Aryan race wife, and baby in a concentration camp uniform," Marla S. told us about the family above, who she spotted at Times Square around 11:30 p.m. last night. "Not sure if you have a list for the most f'ed up costumes, but I think this takes the prize...It's such a messed up costume (for a family no less) that I needed to share."

While we would never recommend that anyone wear a Hitler costume for Halloween, we admit that it's not the worst thing one can wear—far be it from us to pass judgment on people who want to exercise their right to display the insignia of National Socialism (at least it's an ethos). While we personally might find it distasteful, people should be free to wear spooky things, and there's no doubt that Hitler is spooky (especially when there's a 'high concept' twist).

For the many adults who actively spend time, money and effort planning out their costumes months in advance, Halloween can be a chance to push boundaries. But if you have to ask Yahoo Answers or FanPop whether you've crossed a line, you've probably crossed a line.

So dressing up as Hitler/a Nazi is questionable at best; having your family coordinate Nazi-themed outfits seems like a pretty bad idea. But doing all that AND dressing up your baby as a concentration camp victim is...truly disturbing. And not the spooky, fun kind of disturbing.