Oh, isn't that adorable: Some Lothario-on-the-go concluded his recent subway copulation by carefully tying his used prophylactic to an F train pole/hand rest. A more vulgar Romeo might have simply tossed his rubber carelessly to the floor of the train, or even discarded it into the dustbin of oblivion, erasing all record of his mass transit triumph. But this proud gentleman had the inspiration to share his conquest with the world. As one impressed Gothamist staffer put it, "It's like his flag!"

Our tipster, who would only give her first name because for some reason she doesn't want to be forever associated with "used subway condom" in Google searches, spotted the coital trophy on a downtown F train this morning around 8:30 a.m. "I unfortunately sat next to it for about 2 stops before realizing what it was," Ellie recalls. "My reaction went quickly from confusion to complete abhorrence! No one seemed to notice it or my reaction!! Are people just completely jaded by how disgusting this city is?"

If it's any consolation, Ellie, it's that the individual who left his seed behind didn't ejaculate it into a fertile womb and reproduce. If it's a choice between this guy festooning the subway with condoms or fathering children, we'll reluctantly go with the condom car. What a sad way to round out National Etiquette Week.