Photo via Reddit

Usually we focus on subway etiquette, but right now we're gonna take a brief trip into the terrifying world of subway fashion don'ts. Meet this guy, who wore a shirt with giant letters emblazoned across it that spell out: "Rich White N#gga," or, once translated: "please fuck with me." To go along with his statement tee he chose a black skirt, ill-fitting cowboy boots, a baseball cap, and glasses. Also, a mysterious black plastic bag. The result is part "creepy neighbor who keeps to himself" and part "middle-aged hipster trying too hard."

We're no experts on style, so we turned to fashion explorer Jake Dobkin for his thoughts on the ensemble—but even he wouldn't touch it, telling us over Gchat as he adjusted his Zubaz: "I don't want my name connected with that."

Update: One Redditor says he's "very nice" and in a "hilarious band"—one of his videos can be seen here.