If you leave your apartment today and find yourself outside for more than ten minutes, your legs will feel like they are burning. This is with pants on. The Arctic got drunk and wants to cuddle with us for a day or two, and even if the Arctic doesn't mean to intentionally hurt us during this brief fling, that doesn't mean it can't happen. And if it happens you have to know that it's not the Arctic, it's you. If you get hurt during this flirtation with subzero-feeling temperatures, it's because you didn't prepare yourself.

To protect yourself from the Arctic's bite, all you need to do is wear protective armor. Today is not a day to leave your pants at home. The pants will protect you. It's that easy. And yet one man was spotted—by DNAInfo reporter Katie Honan—baring his soul shins on the subway this morning in a pair of shorts... capris... manpris? Whatever they are, they are absolutely inappropriate for Polar Vortex conditions. In fact, do not do this until June... and even then it's pretty questionable.