Photo by Rich Docherty/NYC Snapped

While our tipster tells us this photo was taken this morning on 8th Avenue, it's unclear if the man in it is from the future, or 2001, the only year anyone bought a Segway. The third option is that this man is from the present day, and is in fact Sting. As we have learned over the past decades, Sting is a man who lives outside of time.

Whoever and whenever this guy is, he has provided us with the single best New York City tableau we've seen since Woman With A Banana Peel.

The faux futuristic look and the bold confidence displayed in both his facial expressions and posture are telling. But it's the dog—so limp and mangy and confused—that really gives this guy away. What we have here is a superhero, who has come to 2015 NYC on his Segway to save dogs, whether they need saving or not.