Photo via ProFreshionalism

This morning a tipster sent in the above photo, telling us: "I was walking to work yesterday morning on the High Line, and around 29th Street, I noticed that an artist painted a huge graffiti marriage proposal. It was quite colorful and really stood out in what tends to be an eyesore of a construction site. I've never seen such a thing in the years I've been documenting NYC graffiti and street art but it seemed to make anyone who noticed it smile, even the construction workers in the lot got a kick out of it."

The woman at the end of the proposal, we've learned through... Yelp, is Amber, and she said yes! Since we love a good romance, we reached out to her to find out the whole story behind the proposal (Did he wait until she stumbled upon it herself? Did he bring her there under the glow of the moonlight? Just how romantic was this?!). We'll update if we hear back.

UPDATE: Amber tells us, "So, the story basically is this: being that I come from a Yemeni American Muslim family, getting engaged is rarely a surprise as the potential fiancé has to seek permission from my father to get engaged to me, and we then have a ceremony with close family where the ring is then placed on my finger and the celebrated.

"Bart's philosophy is there aren't enough good surprises in the world and given so much of our engagement was planned out, this came as a shock—mere hours after we officially got engaged at my home with our families! It was the very next morning.

"Bart insisted we go to the High Line early for a walk and coffee. As we approached a familiar spot he gave me a piece of paper and I caught the colors on the wall out of the corner of my eye and realized the sketch proposal on paper was twenty something feet long. I cried and said yes. It was such a mind blowing surreal moment!" And here's that sketch:


We're told "no permission slips" were involved for the tag, which is on a construction fence and spans 60 feet.