Here's a sentence we figured wouldn't be typed for at least two or three years: Louis C.K. got his yacht stuck in the mud on Sunday in the Harlem River near Inwood Park. DNAinfo's law enforcement sources confirmed that the comedian became stuck at around 2:30 that afternoon, and "sat stranded for hours" until high tide. In the above photo, you can see C.K. sitting with his two daughters near the stern of the boat, seemingly fleshing out how he can insert the incident into season four of Louie and thus parlay the experience into buying a better yacht.

We didn't peg Louis as a "yacht person" either, but in his wildly successful standup recorded at the Beacon Theater last November (later sold for over a million dollars via his website), he began a joke about flying first class. "I fly first class, who cares? That's just the way it is. I'm not like you. All the things you do, I do a better version of all those things...It's only for another year at most."

The next time Louis is on Twitter we'll try to ask him what it's like to be compared to Russell Crowe.