A settee? A chaise lounge? A fauteuil? A fainting chair? A tuffet? A love seat? These are all questions with the same answer: the type of seating Norah Jones has inside of her home. Or at least that's we thought before seeing this damning photo sent in by a tipster, showing the shocking, ugly truth:

Photo by Kate Wilkinson

What is that, IKEA? Pottery Barn? Norah Jones doesn't exclusively shop at antique shops for furniture muses that really speak to her? You know, pieces with a past, a story to tell. And why did she want to separate one part of her couch from the other part of her couch, ripping them from the very thing that brought them together? That's cold, Norah.

Or maybe all of our aforementioned preconceptions of Norah Jones remain true—as the tipster points out, it's impossible to say if Jones has actually moved in to her new abode in Cobble Hill yet, so this could be the previous owner's detritus. Let's assume that's it—this is someone else's basic crap, not our Norah's!