Tipster Nicole K. Hidalgo sent us the above photo from Pier I at the Hudson River today, which shows the latest hot trend on the Upper West Side: alfresco pooping. "This is a first. Nanny brought kids port-potty to Pier I cafe so people can enjoy while eating," she added. So is it kosher to let your kid poop at an outdoor cafe, or a restaurant of any kind, in front of people eating?

Gothamist staffers who have children sympathized with the young lad in the photo (or more to the point: the nanny who was likely given strict instructions by his parents to take the porta potty wherever they went, lest His Royal Majesty break his rigorous toilet training schedule), even as they questioned the incredibly public location (the cafe is located in Riverside Park South near West 70th Street). Would it have been more acceptable if this were somewhere in the (excuse the pun) bowels of Central Park?

At the very least, maybe there should be a rule à la smoking (smokers are supposed to be at least three feet away from any outdoor eatery) that all children must poop at least three...five...let's say ten feet away from any eatery. We're eager to know how our current mayoral candidates stand on this issue.