We spend so much time focusing on the brie eaters and beer mamas who frequent our beloved mass transit system, we sometimes forget that heartwarming things happen on the subway too. Just take the two tuckered-out men above, whom a tipster spotted on a half-full F train this morning around 7:40 in Park Slope: "I [have] to say that they looked so peacefully adorable, and I think everyone else did too, even if they pretended not to care, that no one really faulted them for taking all those seats, on the morning rush-hour."

And who could blame him for being touched by the "Hobbit shoes," Heisenberg hat and intertwining limbs. "Anyhow, seeing them put a smile on my face," our tipster said, adding that he was so moved by the display of affection, he "stayed on the train all the way to the 50th-rock center stop, just to make sure no one bothered them." This certainly turned out much better than the last time we fell asleep on the train.