Recording artist Justin Bieber is downtown at J&R Music World at this hour, signing copies of his new album and reminding us that a person half our age has already made more money than we'll ever see in our entire lives. And who do we find front and center at this exciting event? Lower Manhattan's beloved Hipster Cop, who was last spotted screaming at a bunch of indie rockers to turn their damn music down. Now we know why: Deep down, HC is actually a True Belieber at heart. (Of course, one assumes he's into Bieber ironically, and probably saw him play Glasslands before anyone ever heard of him.)

Also on the Bieber bandwagon: Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer! With endorsements from Scarlett Johansson and the support of thousands of underage Bieber fans who can make their parents do anything, this upcoming mayoral race is Stringer's to lose. He's got our vote, as long as he replaces Ray Kelly with Hipster Cop.

Justin Bieber with Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer