Earlier this week, Stephen Colbert addressed Banksy's month-long open air street art tour of the city by attempting to lure the reclusive street artist to come vandalize the walls of his studio (see the video below). And while Banksy has yet to draw Colbert riding a shark, NY-based street artist Hanksy did show up to place the above "Col-Bear" on the wall at W 54th Street between 10th and 11th Avenues. "It went up last night," Hanksy told us. "Kinda sorta probably in response to Colbert's request for Banksy to come paint his wall Monday night."

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But that wasn't the only piece of graffiti on the wall: there was also the graffiti below, which may or may not be by Banksy, we really can't tell.

Ben Yakas/Gothamist