Photo via Guggenheim's Instagram

James Turrell hasn't had a solo presentation in a New York museum since 1980, but now he's come back big with a new site-specific installation for the Guggenheim rotunda, called Aten Reign (presented along with some of his early works). The piece will transform the rotunda into a light installation starting tomorrow (the summer solstice), and running through September 25th. Today, they turned on the lights for a press preview, and Turrell explained that "the Guggenheim skyspace will change throughout different times of the day, as daylight enters the oculus."

The artist also noted that the viewer should remember: "the history of art has been full of artists who have depicted light, but I decided to pursue light itself." This pursuit of light takes the form of "shifting natural and artificial light and intense, modulating color, creating a dynamic perceptual experience..." but you really need to see it for yourself.

There were no photos or video allowed at this afternoon's preview, but The Internet has magically provided anyway. Sadly, The Internet didn't provide any Vines, but here's a short video on the installation, where you'll get a glimpse: