Photo by Matt Lavin/Marist College

A group of college kids found a giant head without a body in the Hudson River earlier this week, which sort of sounds like the beginning of some Stand By Me-esque tale... except the head was made of styrofoam and fiberglass and not flesh and brains.

The head was found by members of the Marist College crew team, and the college's spokesman says, "Everybody is wondering where it came from, who it belongs to. We were hoping that through [media] exposure, it would help us get to the bottom of this. I'd think if someone knew it was missing, they'd go looking for it... I'm dumbfounded."


According to Newsday, the head was "found bobbing in the river just after sunrise Tuesday. It took about 10 rowers to haul the waterlogged head from the river near the Poughkeepsie college's boat dock." The super sharp Marist officials "believe the head was a decoration, perhaps a stage prop."

At least one person believes it traveled from New Orleans, noting, "The second I saw that head I thought: Mardi Gras float. Many of the floats have Greek themes, and the Gulf Stream ocean current goes north along the East Coast." Others give it a much more local origin, like the Bardavon 1869 Opera House in Poughkeepsie. We may never solve this mystery, but at least it's not another Montauk or East River MONSTER.