The woman in the center of the triptych above was spotted on a crowded downtown 1 train around 2 p.m. today. "People were giving her dirty looks," the tipster who took the photo informed us. That's an understatement—humankind hasn't created a language to adequately express the deep well of dissatisfaction in the eyes of the two men sitting around her.

"I took the pic at 86th, so it looked empty in the pic, but it was pretty crowded," the tipster added. "I can't believe no one said anything! I'm pregnant, so as soon as I got on someone else stood up to give me their seat, so I didn't see her right away, or have a chance to tell her to move her stuff."

According to my coworkers, she is wearing Kate Spade ladybug Keds sneakers and carrying a Bergdorf Goodman bag, and these things are considered very good things to wear. They are so fashionable, I dare say they put the sty in stylish. Maybe if you dressed more like this, you too could get away with taking up more seats than one person could possibly need.

We reached out to the woman for comment, and she responded in the Vine below.