Last night at Gracie Mansion, Mayor Bloomberg addressed a crowd of techies about how the new Dum Dum Girls album is just so cohesive and real and raw you can play it all the way through the ongoing campaign his administration is waging to make New York City a haven for startups. He was sporting these snazzy Warby Parker frames, and even accepted an order from Seamless onstage. Yet there was deafening silence on the mayor's forthcoming Tumblr, Trash Can Lids That Look Like Steve Buscemi.

We emailed the mayor's press secretary, Marc LaVorgna, to find out if Bloomberg actually has a script for those glasses or if they're as pointless as a necklace with a zipper on it. LaVorgna hasn't gotten back to us, but he's probably helping Bloomberg write a Facebook invite to get his buddies to finally make a group trip to Coachella this year. It can't sound too clingy, you know?

[IMPORTANT MAYORAL SPECTACLES UPDATE] Sadly, the frames are just prescriptionless pieces of glass; "Planos," as a Warby Parker rep calls them.