It seems the Times doesn't feel right if they aren't covering the phenomenon of blogs. This week, the Arts & Leisure section has a cover feature on photo blogs. Writer Sarah Boxer does a little exploring, and discovers some photo bloggers that also happen to be favorites of Gothamist: David Gallagher's lightningfield, Eliot Shepard's, Todd Gross's, Laura Holder's, and the site,, which was started by Adam Seifer, Scott Heiferman and Spike. Congratulations, guys.

Laura Holder in action, photographing at Red & Black; Photo - Jake Dobkin What works with the Times article online is that Laura's bag photo is in it's full color glory (see the actual version here) while the print version has a small black-and-white photo - not the same. What doesn't work with the Times article online is the fact that all of the URLs of the photo blogs listed are not live hyperlinks. Come on, if the Styles section can get some, if not all, of the blogs listed in last weekend's blogging articles last weekend live links, there's no reason why the Arts & Leisure section can't.

We met with a few of the Brooklyn photo bloggers last week.