We tend to rag on rude subway riders, but the truth is that underneath every stylish, well-heeled New York woman is this lady, who frankly sees no reason to wait until she gets home to start enjoying some shoeless quality time with a cold one.

There's a lot to admire about this woman—her "don't give a fuck" attitude and the impressive pile-up of filth blanketing her feet. The lanyard around her neck and dead-eyed gaze indicate that she probably just got off of work, and who doesn't need a tall can of Becks after doing that for 8 or 9 or possibly 10 hours per day, amirite?

Don't let haters get you down, girl. You're a beer-guzzling, dirty-footed inspiration to all of us.

Update: Tipster Shawn Ferreyra has some more information on Our Heroine:

This was a Q train, I got on at Times Square after work around 9pm and I found her exactly like this, feet up, headphones on, bobbing her head, sipping her Becks, oblivious to people trying to find a seat. The train was pretty crowded, nowhere to sit. I rode the train all the way to Newkirk plaza and she was still there. It seemed to me she was getting off work as well because she had a badge or a keycard around her neck.

I'm going to write a missed connection because she might be the one I've been waiting for...