Trey and Kuroda, via Tom Marshall's Twitter

Amongst the thousands of tweens, teens, moms, and bra-slinging fans at Justin Bieber's MSG concert last night, stood one less typical attendee: Phish frontman and do-gooder Trey Anastasio. Since at least two Gothamist staffers are long-time Phish fans, and zero Gothamist staffers are Bieber fans (though admittedly "Boyfriend" wasn't bad!)... we have been keeping a close and weary eye on the Phish-Bieber relationship that's been growing over the past year. To recep:

  • In August, Justin Bieber attended a Phish show in California.
  • For months there was chatter about how Bieber's guitarist and musical director Dan Kanter, a massive phan, was behind getting Bieber on board with their sound.
  • Unofficial 5th member of Phish, Chris Kuroda, then started working with Justin Bieber on his light show.
  • Then in October, Bieber teased three Phish songs while out on tour: "Sand," "First Tube," and "Divided Sky." (Which Trey took note of.)

As Hypervocal notes, "the loop of this bizarrely amazing musical friendship between two artists and fan bases that could not be more dissimilar" nearly full-circled last night—not only did Trey show up, but so did Phish lyricist Tom Marshall, who Bieber later Tweeted at:


And now, just as Mayan prophets hawking heady hemp necklaces and divine grilled cheese sandwiches in the parking lot predicted, we know that this is probably how the world end... not with a bang, but with a Phish-Bieber collaboration.