Most Phish fans sneak a little grass into concerts in their underwear, but during the band's tour-opening show at Fenway Park on May 31st, Yankee fan Ian Ferris took it a step further: As payback for the Red Sox fan who tried to curse the Bronx Bombers by dropping a Sox jersey into wet concrete during construction of the new stadium, Ferris tried to seed the Fenway infield with grass seeds sold at Yankee Stadium. Once inside, Ferris, who manages a Hooters in Vermont, filled the bag of seeds with water and tossed it onto the infield. He tells the Post, "This is payback. If even one blade of grass sprouts on the field, I feel it was a success." It's important to have ambitions in life, but Gino Castignoli, the construction worker who buried the Red Sox jersey at Yankee Stadium, says Ferris's pitiful little gesture is futile: "My curse is working. It's typical of a Yankee fan to think you can buy a jinx in a bag. When will they learn, you don't win with your wallet but with your heart?" It's a safe bet that Castignoli also thinks Phish sucks, and Panic rules.