Last month we had the pleasure of visiting with Philippe Petit as he set up his "theater of balance" inside of Williamsburg's STREB Lab For Action Mechanics (a neat little place even without the legendary wire walker, owned by his longtime friend Elizabeth Streb). Next month he'll take on the roll of teacher there, albeit temporarily, with three 2-day Action Maverick Master Classes.

Students will have to pay $1200 for the opportunity, but the NY Post reports today on the unique application process that involves much more than handing over some cash. It seems the 60-year-old Petit—who famously walked a wire between the Twin Towers in 1974—is only taking on six students to mentor. To be one, the paper reports, "he'll need to know what books they love and what languages they speak. Also who and what inspires you." A spokesman noted that the questionnaire has been taking applicants by surprise (it isn't mentioned on their website).

The lucky six will be taught aerial theater, various wire walking exercises, as well as knot-tying and poetry; "he's looking for people who are passionate about what they do in life." Currently there have been 30 applicants from around the world; pro-tip: Philippe had a worn-in cassette tape of the Amadeus soundtrack when we visited with him, so you might want to channel that in preparation!