2006_02_psh.jpgDuring this Sunday's 60 Minutes, Philip Seymour Hoffman will reveal that he really loved doing drugs when he was younger. Here's what the 60 Minutes website says:

For the first time publicly, the actor, hailed for his performance as author Truman Capote, talks about his decision to get help for substance abuse...

Fresh out of New York University’s drama school, Hoffman was lured into New York City’s fast life.

"It was all that (drugs and alcohol), yeah, it was anything I could get my hands on … I liked it all," he tells Kroft.

Hoffman went into rehab at 22 (!!) - hear that Tisch kids? And while it's great Hoffman is showing that he went and got help, we're not that surprised that at some point he binged on drinking and drugging while in college because that just sounds like college. Gothamist thought Hoffman was great in Capote, but we wish the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences had recognized him for his tour-de-force role as Sandy Lyle, former child star, in Along Came Polly (not as bad as you think, but not that good). Hoffman is wonderful in drama, but he rules at comedy. So we hope he's deliciously campy in Mission: Impossible 3 this summer.

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