2005_12_duncan.jpgGiven the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene's attempt to get pet owners to stop smoking, by alerting them to the fact that pets can get sick from our vices, Gothamist spent some time talking to pets we know or just see on the street. They gave us a few other suggestions for living life:

From dogs:

- Spill more food onto the floor - it doesn't matter if you get cockroaches, because I'll eat those too
- Stop picking up dog poop on the street - it's so good to smell and even eat when I am peckish
- Don't pay attention to the new baby - pay attention to me!!!
- Does this dog sweater make my ass look big?

From cats:
- Stop bothering me
- I detest this cat food and everything about you
- Stop trying to check me into an eating disorder clinic! I'm not bulimic - I just like to vomit
- Don't let the conservatives ban catnip, okay?
- Stop taking my picture! I hate having photobloggers for owners!

And in other city pet news, the head of Animal Care and Control, Ed Boks, was fired. Well, his contact wasn't renewed after the ACC board met. It's unclear why the ACC felt Boks needed to go; the Daily News says that some animal advocates felt Boks kept shelters crowded in order to have low euthanization numbers, but otherwise, people seemed to like him.