The first trailer for Peter Jackson’s King Kong finally hit the internet, featuring Adrien Brody, a digital King Kong and Naomi Watts as his love interest, a few Jurassic Park leftovers, and Jack Black (who is so hard to take seriously). We’re quite optimistic LOTR’s Jackson can pull off an updated version of Hollywood classic and so far, Jackson insists he's refrained from reinventing the storyline: “Our story follows the same structure. It starts in New York, goes to Skull Island, and there are dinosaurs on the island. Then it comes back to New York and there's the Empire State Building and the biplanes and the whole thing."

Jackson also told Empire his film intends to be more “emotionally truthful,” and according to Watts in USA Today, we can be assured the Kong-Ann relationship will be more evolved than the 1933 (Wray) and 1976 (Lange) versions: "He's not picking off my clothes or blowing me dry with his breath," she says "It's much more tender. There is something incredibly attractive about his power and masculinity. And isn't that what we all want in a man?"

King Kong is set to hit theatres December 14th. You can check out the Production Diary and Newsweek has a set visit.