Photo by Joseph Cultice.

Baby, it's cold outside...but Kristen Johnston would rather go naked than ride in a horse-drawn carriage. PETA has released the above homage to Lady Godiva in order to take a stance against the cruel business of horse carriages. The ads will debut today in Central Park (with Johnston on hand), and will be running on more than 100 taxi tops in the city. Other celebs supporting the cause are Pink, Alec Baldwin, and Chrissie Hynde. Johnston says:

"The horses go from this horrible job where they're pulling people through the streets of Manhattan all day to this tiny jail cell in this building that's like a cramped parking garage. I'd say to tourists considering coming to New York, there's so much amazing stuff to do here. But please do something else. I hope within the next year that there are no more horse-drawn carriages."

Is that a possibility? New York City councilmember Dan Garodnick's is proposing a bill that will phase out horse-drawn carriages, and will replace them with eco-friendly horseless carriages ("replicas of the classic Ford Model T, evoking the romance and glamour of New York's golden years"). Now, when do we see Alec Baldwin's homage to Bianca Jagger riding bareback in Studio 54?