PETA is targeting the new NBC show Animal Practice, which is set in a New York City animal hospital. The show features animal actors like the inimitable Crystal, a capuchin monkey who gets a serious payday from the show ($12,000/episode). The animal rights watchdog group says they plan to protest at 30 Rock tomorrow, wearing all black with monkey masks, and holding signs that read: "NBC: Animal Mal-Practice" and "I Don't Want to Be in Your Damn TV Show."

The group believes that this is a form of animal cruelty, and say "previous sitcoms featuring monkeys, such as NBC's Friends, caused a flood of discarded 'pet' monkeys at primate sanctuaries across the country, when misguided owners realized that they were unable to meet these complex animals' specialized needs. Life in the entertainment industry leaves monkeys psychologically damaged." Like after being called... Annie's Boobs?

Crystal the capuchin wears a doctor's lab coat on the show and is the co-star of lead Justin Kirk, but PETA says she's just being used as a tool for cheap laughs." PETA Senior Vice President Lisa Lange the casting "is as cruel as it is creatively bankrupt," and that Crystal's "smile" actually "indicates fear and stress in capuchin monkeys."